Pay per Q?

Today we have more and more big, manufacturer sponsored, DXpeditions every year. One thing that I’ve noticed about these operations is how their QSL’s are processed and into the hands of the waiting DXer. Whether it be direct or through Logbook of the World (LoTW) a pattern seems to be emerging and it is when QSO confirmations are processed. I noticed this during a large scale expedition a few years ago. The operators announced that those who donated(another topic for another time) to the DXpedition, their confirmations would be processed first. Well, they were right. The DX club I was a member of at the time donated to the expedition. Shortly after the expedition was over I received LoTW confirmation for the QSO’s I made with them. All well and good I guess but in the coming weeks and months I heard that many people, who didn’t donate, still had not received confirmation on LoTW, while some QSO’s, like mine, had been confirmed. When the traditional paper QSL’s started to come out some months later, operators that started to receive their cards were saying that they donated to the DXpedition while those that didn’t, were still waiting.

All the big DXpeditions have a page on their website where a person can donate. Some will list recent donations and with what I mentioned above, there’s no doubt that a full list is kept somewhere. Are we not far from integrating that list into logging software that will alert the operation that the caller in the pileup donated? Today’s logging programs alert you of duplicate contacts, new multipliers, partial call checks etc. So what’s to prevent a data file of donors from being created and integrated into the software? Have we reached the point in DXing where it will be “Pay per Q”?

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3 Responses to Pay per Q?

  1. ku4bp says:

    This little note from the Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin makes my point:
    7O6T QSL STATUS. Bernie, W3UR, reports that the 7O6T QSL cards are
    expected to begin going out in September. For those who donated they
    have already sent the LoTW confirmations.

  2. KB4MB says:

    Great post, Ed. Luckily I don’t go after awards, so my logbook is all I need… but it is taking the gentleman out of the hobby, these type of shenanigans…

  3. ku4bp says:

    I agree. And they seem to have no qualm about doing it. Within the next week I’ll have another post about DXpeditions and donations as I mentioned in the main post.

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